CORE eFellowship 2011

Literacy, Reluctant Writers and ICTs

Literacy is a CORE part of our schooling and while many children are successful in their writing there is always a CORE group who find literacy, especially written language, difficult. My goal this year is a focus on literacy, specifically writing, to support our school wide vision for writing; “students will see writing as powerful, personal and rewarding.”
CORE, literacy, writing, written language, reluctant writers,

It would be easy to assume that the Reluctant Writers referred to in my title are those who are low achievers in the classroom. I certainly did. But I've come to realize that some of those reluctant writers are actually high achieving students who just don't like to write in the traditional way - handwriting. This site will therefore look at both the low achievers and the others, for whom the use of ICTs has been a turning point in their writing.